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Creating Patriotic Pride with Canadian Plants!

"It's time to promote patriotic pride in Canadian plants to create a Canadian gardening culture, says environmentalist and native plant expert Jessica Smeekens" "It is very rare to find a truly native garden, where all the plants grown are Ontario natives. Not imported. Not cultivars. Just plants grown from native stock in Ontario by horticultural or conservation experts." "Relationships between native plants and their insects have developed over thousands upon thousands of years and it's connected to the mouthparts of insects and how insects observe colours radiating from the plants. The more you change a plant, the less interesting to insects it will be."

A big shoutout to The Rural Voice for this amazing feature in their latest magazine! We had a great turnout at The Friends of Pinery Park Native Plant Sale on October 3rd. It is awesome to see more and more people interested in learning about these plants and the benefits they provide for our pollinators, wildlife and ecosystem. Like Ginny Loeb who is also a native plant enthusiast! She has one of these rare native plant gardens inherited by her mother, and is now continuing on to grow and develop her space and educating others as well! This is a great article for anyone wishing to learn more about native species and why they are so important for our pollinators. Support our native species and support our locals.

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